The Subsidiaries

Centre for Economic Developmemt and Strategic Advisory


The Centre was formed in 2012. The main advisory activities are in Economic Intelligence, Strategic Advisory, Planning, Commercial Development, Security, Business Performance Services in Finance, HR, supply chain and other operations,

Apart from advisory, the centre provides a wide range of coaching programs and plans to open a university.

The Centre uses up to 40% of its profit in economic studies and sustainability development to help connecting villages in the Sultanate of Oman and in the region, to enhance the children education, women empowerment, agriculture and various researches for the development of our country.



Omani Petroleum and Energy Company LLC (OMPEC)


OMPEC is a rebranding of oil and gas activities that were under EICD since 2008. OMPEC has the following divisions:

  1. Oil and Gas:
  • Products supply locally and overseas (chemicals and equipment)
  • Production of industrial gases
  • Coiled Tubing Services
  • Trading of refined products (overseas market)

       2. Renewable Energy

  • Solar panel


Visit OMPEC site to read more about its activities

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International Food Epicure LLC (IFE) and

International Food and Agriculature Investment Company LLC (IFAICO)


IFE started with wholesale supply of food commodities such as sugar, rice, lentils and coffee.

The company is currently developing further in retail: stores and restaurants / coffee shops.


The next plan is to focus in agriculture and in organic food as well as food supplements.

Hence, the company IFAICO was created for Food and Agriculture Investment initiatives.


Visit IFE and IFAICO website to discover the range of products that IFE can offer and the projects that IFAICO is developing and investing.

Metropolis Development and Contracting Company LLC (MDCC)


MDCC is currently focusing in Real Estate Development. The vision is to develop further in construction of mass housing and parks. It is also innovating in Buildings Management and Maintenance.


MDCC operates as well in luxury hospitality in joint venture with companies based in Monaco, Paris and Doha.


Explore the site of luxury hospitality and be taken to beyond your imagination of beauty.



Extraordinary Extract LLC (ExEx)


ExEx was formed to develop further in one part of commodities business started by EICD in 2008 but with focus in minerals and metals

Currently ExEx is simply trading the commodities. In the future the company would like to invest in mining and refining its own extracts.


There is luxury touch in ExEx as well, as long as the company goes beyond the mining to jewellery.

Enjoy the surf on the sites of jewellery

Gulf Forum LLC


Gulf Forum is an interesting initiative that works closely with The Centre to develop economic or cultural subjects that need to be addressed and organize relevant conferences to spread awareness. Then enabling the centre to set up programs to brigde the gap.

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Our small team work with competitiveness and bring in the market a new operating system, a better business ethic and a powerful strategic thrust.